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Our team offers multiple solutions conceived especially for you. allowing you establish a working system for your entreprise/store, we offer also services in multiple languages (Arabic/French/English).

  • Enhancing the individual productivity by tasks affectation.
  • The efficient processing of the clients requests to avoid long queues,
  • The daily and monthly control over your operations ans products,
  • The total control over your finances, by eliminating the cash vulnerabilities and theft, …
  • Creating a trusty environnement between the employee and the boss.
  • Easy to make decisions bases on our simple and direct statistics. and the alert before catastrophes happens.

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Our best Softwares

Store and POS management software

oMagasin2 is our most demanded product, it was handcrafted by the feedback of our clients, in a period of almost 07 years, now it became very simple and easy to use, very fast, very rich, you'll never be worried about the queues in your shop, oMagasin2 covers all the basic operations and makes sales in the cashier easier, anyone can use it easily whatever his study level

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School management software

oEcole is our most sophisticated software, i manages your school in an efficient and ultimate way. it helps following students payments, teachers, alerts about late or unpaid rights, SMS, badge printing, Pointing system by card or bio-metric, ... A 07 years of work with our clients gave them an excellent and marvelous management.

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Of course we can, and its for free, but sometimes your old data is encrypted, so if you are in contact with your old software developer, he can send us the data un-encrypted, and we shall do the rest.

If you have Internet, of course we can install the software remotely, and also we do have a subscription for technical support, when you have a software and you need things other than the regular ones ?

The bad new is that we stopped giving free demo versions, and that's because people don't take it seriously, so they still waste time by not using it, and that's lead the to stay in the chaos and sometimes to shutdown the business. The good news is that we offer 02 months subscription at the start, for the client to test well and benefits from his software with real data, and to avoid cases where the client can't work with the software for other reasons.

Yes we do almost offer all types of IT services, we are to entreprises ( OptimIT and OMniaTec) : OptimIT does the software/mobile developement, website and web apps, web hosting, graphic design, network installation and IT consulting, in the other hand OMniaTec sells IT appliances like computers and bare code , it also offers IT equipment repair.?

Our beloved ? Team


Development director

Telecommunication engineer, but programming have been always my hobby, because I love learning everything having relation with technology, I like to create helpful solutions for the society, I also love graphic design and books talking about personality and humain psychology, my ambition is to be always ideal.


General manager/ Founder

Electronics engineer, from when I was a kid, I've always wondered how does the electricity is getting transformed using this amazing device, that changed the humanity, today and thank's to God, I've found the answer, by self studying IT and my academic studies of electronics. I've founded OptimIT as a hobby, now it is one of the most braillant entreprises.


Commercial director / Co-Founder

Electronics engineer, my hobby is to repair computers, I've always been looking to understand how does technologies work and help people around me, because of this I've became capable of understanding the needs of entrepreneurs, and giving them amazing and impeccable consultations and solutions. my goal is to become the strategic partner for businesses around the world.


Repair chief/ Technical support

TS in Information Technology, even my modest experience in the IT field? I always try to learn everything having a relation with Tech without any fatigue, I am the new chief of the technical team in OptimIT, and this is the result of the hard work and the concentration.


Hardware cheif and deployment

TS in Information technology, I have experience in programming, but I like hardware repair better, I like to discover faults and problems, then eliminate them, Solving people problems and make their lives easier what makes me happy, I always try to improuve my self and never allow me to have free time without doing anything.


Developer and web specialist

TS in Information technology,but I've started web development and graphic design long before my studies about the year 2000, I try always to follow tech news, especially modern web development, new extensions, ideas, ...

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