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AboutThe project

The oSchool Software is one of our outstanding programs allowing managing private schools in easy and effective way, It is an integrated program that contains all the functions that the school needs it will also eliminate tedious manual work with records and papers.

oSchool is the richest management software in terms of functionality compared to our other programs this is due to our development cycle that focus on client needs at the first place.


    • Working across the network (managers, secretaries and organizers, …).
    • Available in Arabic and French.
    • Student management system (groups, sessions, teachers, Presence and absence).
    • Financial Management System (Students payments, teachers payroll , Staff payroll).
    • Staff System: Presence, information, recap and notes.
    • The possibility add inventory system in case of books or office accessories.
    • Print school cards or badges with codebar and scan images.
    • Print payment receipt, exit receipt teachers payrolls.
    • Send messages (SMS) to students either on mobile phone or through the oSMS application.
    • monthly summary and monitoring of school status (interest, income and expenses).
    • Multiple alerts (student delayed, frequent absence, student without group …).
    • Deletion options, blacklist, permanent notes …
    • Student status in case of parents presence to check on their child
    • And many other options …

Developed by : Mohammed Seddik

You can order this software now or request a custom one.

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