oMagasin 2.0

Inventory management software for all shops, supermarkets, cosmetics …

AboutThe project

The oMagasin 2.0 is an inventory management software, integrated and compatible with all codebar devices ( printer, plain reader, QR reader, pos printer …) The software is easy to use and does not need any kind of configuration. It is specially designed to be compatible with all activities as well as all types of users.

oMagasin 2.0 contains a large number of options, and you can add your own options during the launch period which are during the first month. Among these options are:


    • Wholesale, retail or both together smoothly and super fast.
    • Fast and easy sale, even easier than manual selling.
    • The ability to work on the program regardless of the user’s level.
    • Touch screen capability.
    • The possibility of using all the codebar devices ( printer, reader …).
    • The possibility to use the oSMS application to send messages (SMS).
    • Loyalty card system.
    • Travailler sur le réseau.
    • Financial management bills, purchase order …
    • Print symbols on the labels normal with normal printer.
    • Smartphone App for monitring online ( see prices, watch sales, interest …).

Software Sections

  • Sales: The main section where all sales are done either to customers, or direct sale, reduction or other.
  • Daily: It contains a daily summary such as: sales day, day interest, day expenses, day debts …
  • Sales record: Contains the sales list and details of each receipt and the benefit of each item.
  • Customers: Customer list and information as well as total debt per customer, date of last presence …
  • Commodity: list of goods, quantity, purchase price, selling price, …. Also you can print codebar for all the goods.
  • Purchase: where the purchase or add of goods done This is by entering the purchase receipt without having to move to any department.
  • Distributors: or list of suppliers information (debts, personal information, number of invoices …).
  • Expenses, revenues, and customer’s debts.
  • funds: Where we find the current or general situation: the value of the goods store, the current money in the fund, the total debt of customers or distributors, capital.
  • Annual interest, general record and annual status.
  • General condition of goods, customers, distributors.

Developed by : Mohammed Seddik

You can order this software now or request a custom one.

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