Management Software for Medical Clinics

AboutThe project

oMedecin is an integrated management software for medical clinics, oMedecin is an integrated program for the management of medical clinics, its main role is to facilitate the work of the doctor and reception staff without the need to learn or master the field of IT, when you use it you have no difficulty at all, it is not like the other programs, which are often very complicated, which keeps the doctor or the user away from acquiring this type of softwares. oMedecin is specifically designed to shorten the time, whether in prescription, review the patient’s file, and even for receptionists it makes it easy to arrange patients, appointments and calculate the amount due, especially if there are additional things such as radiography, ultrasound for pregnant women.

oMedecin, like any other OptimIT software, allows you to request any option or add operations and change things when needed during the launch period which are at the first month to suit your business, in a record time.


    • Works in a network between the nurse and the doctor. The nurse is responsible for patient organization, appointments and financial procedures, which allows the doctor to start the diagnosis directly and access the patient’s information directly.
    • Appointments and alerts system, and automatically time management.
    • Patients debt follow up system in case of decrease in treatment expenses.
    • Easy-to-use software that requires no foundation or computer skills.
    • The ability to print prescriptions (printed or blank), medical records, work stoppages, … with just one click.
    • SMS system to notify the patient by the appointment a day before for example.
    • Daily and monthly follow-up of income.
    • Detailed financial management: expenses, revenue, debts, profit … and graphical display of the monthly statement
    • Ease of access to data: for example just enter the name of the patient and you have all the information about his dates of appointments, prescribed medication, diagnostics and all his medical examinations.
    • Easy prescription: frequently used medication are ranked at the top of the list and a warning is mentioned for dangerous drugs.

Developed by : Mohammed Seddik.

You can order this software now or request a custom one.

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